Sir Bob Jones on Leadership

Never less than amusing, Sir Bob Jones shares his thoughts on “leadership”, and his considered view that all leaders should immediately euthanise themselves for the good of humanity.

Leadership is held up as a virtuous concept.  It most certainly is not.  The existence of a leader implies by definition the existence of followers.  We are constantly told we need good leaders.  It is so very wrong.

Let me tell you what’s unique about Switzerland.  That is that they rightly abhor the concept of leaders.  Their political structures prohibit career politicians, the curse of modern society.  It’s all hands-on, people participation.  Who’s ever heard of the Swiss Prime Minister?

“Great” leaders led to over 100 million deaths in the 20th century, e.g. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Mussolini etc.

How about great British leader Winston Churchill?

Churchill is described as a great wartime leader.  It is an absurd claim.  According to his daily prime minder, Lord Halifax, in his biography, Churchill was blind drunk nearly every day of the war.

He was merely a symbol and he himself acknowledged that after the war when he dismissed the “great leader” claim as nonsense.  He was simply at the head of the winning side.

Ooooh Kaaaay.  Er…the Dalai Lama?

The Dalai Lama swans around the world in 1st class cabins and $3000 per night hotel suites and is feted universally as a great leader.  So far all he’s ever led is mindless wet westerners up the garden path who have lost all leave of their senses.  What is his objective?  To restore Tibet for a feudal theocracy with himself at the top as a “living God”.  For this he’s acclaimed!

Right then…maybe not the Dalai Lama.  But surely even Bob Jones admires Nelson Mandela?

Mandela is similarly praised.  Let’s be analytic.  Jailed for life as a young man for plotting murder he eventually was released in his dotage and handed the Presidency on a plate.  He served a single innocuous term.  None of this amounts to accomplishment or leadership.  It is simply romantic symbolism.

Provocative stuff and, as always with Jones, an entertaining rant.  While Jones doesn’t consider himself a leader, rather just a teacher, in many respects the reader may agree that this is exactly what leadership is…or rather should be.

Read and enjoy for yourselves…


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