I feel so old….

I’m “only” 44, and I was an early entrant into the PC world, but phones and tablets pretty much leave me cold.  All of which now makes me completely redundant and totally out of touch.  Sigh….


About Ivan McIntosh

I am a partner of Carter Atmore Law...residing in City Road just off the busy thoroughfare of Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand....where we are specialist business & property development lawyers, working for both local and international clients. Proud husband to Joanna, and dad to two sons. Passionate rugby supporter. Email: imcintosh@calaw.co.nz Ph: 64 9 921 5026
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2 Responses to I feel so old….

  1. kathryn says:

    hi Ivan .this is a really good website ,,in particular the post regarding Dumping Your Body Corporate
    Myself and my partner have been put through the wringer and then the mincer with the Strata title lawyers because of an annual levy of which at the time we were unable to pay (they would only accept a cheque in full) so they started adding costs which were crazy they even took us to court for an upcoming levy that wasnt even due…and won!… $23,000 later they are still adding costs…they do not leave you alone ,,,,i will never own a unit again with
    strata title as the body corporate…
    Regards KAth

    • Thanks Kath…I do need to update it a bit more. This blogging business can be a drain.

      I am mildly surprised at your experience with costs, because the Unit Titles Act (both old and new) limit penalties to 10% per annum….although if they take you to court then the court ordered costs can be added. However there seem to be large numbers of body corporates that slap big lump sum penalties on and get away with it simply because people haven’t read the Act (and, let’s face it, why would the average person want to if it wasn’t absolutely necessary?).

      Also more than a bit surprised that they wouldn’t accept part payment..their failure to do so should have mitigated damages somewhat in court….and yet again surprised they got judgment for a levy not even due. I do hope you sought some competent legal advice ?!?

      Drop me a line if you’d like to talk about it…921 5026

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