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Mortgagee Sales – The Ombudsman’s Guide

A new “Quick Guide” has been issued by the Office of the Banking Ombudsman, or Banking Ombudsman Scheme as they are now known, with a logo that had me momentarily convinced I’d stumbled onto the website for Bank of Scotland. … Continue reading

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Negotiating in the Dark

Interesting article by Ira Meislik of Meislik & Meislik, a specialist US real estate firm, on the benefits of telephone negotiation over exchanges of emails, or the drafting of interlocutory motions rather than sorting out matters head to head.  The … Continue reading

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Twenty ways to write like an Idiot, Lawyer Style

Ran across an amusing article today by Jay Shepherd entitled Small Firms, Big Lawyers: 20 Ways to Write Like a Tool. Would I do any of these?  Well, er, yes I would; quite a few in fact. Such as this … Continue reading

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