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Crafar Farms Sale Approved – the Reasoning

The LINZ (Land Information New Zealand) website…plus every media outlet in the country….has reported the approval of the sale of the Crafar Farms to Milk New Zealand Holding Limited, a subsidiary of the Shanghai Pengxin Group Co. Limited, which was … Continue reading

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Kim Dotcom – The case against…

Possibly somewhat short of being as pure as the driven snow… Nice to see Bernard Hickey weighing in, in his own inimitable style, on the Kim Dotcom saga, and what Bernard has to say makes a lot of sense.  Dotcom … Continue reading

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Teagate!: The police spring into action

The Herald is now reporting execution of a search warrant on the Herald on Sunday, around 3:30pm, not too long after Justice Winkelman’s non-decision.  Reports the Herald: The decision also opens the door to police to execute search warrants on … Continue reading

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Teagate! Breaking news….

And the decision from Justice Winkelman, awaited with bated breath, on whether the Teagate transcript can be published is… Nothing. Application refused….at least until we’ve had a good old trial about the entire thing.  In the interim, it has to … Continue reading

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This really isn’t my area, so I’m not going to opine on it personally.  The whole storm in the proverbial has, however, generated a bunch of legal comment from those concerned with media and/or privacy law. First and one of … Continue reading

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The Promises of Politicians

It’s either a heartfelt plea for realism, or a despairing polemic raging against the unfeeling night, but either way Stephen Franks is right on the money with his latest post about the political campaigns and spending promises of our major … Continue reading

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