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Twenty ways to write like an Idiot, Lawyer Style

Ran across an amusing article today by Jay Shepherd entitled Small Firms, Big Lawyers: 20 Ways to Write Like a Tool. Would I do any of these?  Well, er, yes I would; quite a few in fact. Such as this … Continue reading

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Property Rights and Damages: Ramzan -v- Brookwide

A useful summary in the International Law Office of a decision in England setting out limits on “double-claiming” damages, and the limitations to exemplary damages. A link to the UK Court of Appeal judgment can be found here.  The case … Continue reading

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Proceeds of Crime

A rare excursion into the criminal law, with a recent decision that touches on property, and the seizing thereof by the Crown when people have been naughty. The Proceeds of Crime Act 1991 (and now its replacement) has been around … Continue reading

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