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How to Write a Movie Review for Women

Like this one.  Seriously, that’s how it’s done.  Hilarious 🙂 This is some of the more family friendly material… Ok so I don’t know what the plot is or who is in it other than Alexander Skarsgard and Alexander Skarsgard’s … Continue reading

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This really isn’t my area, so I’m not going to opine on it personally.  The whole storm in the proverbial has, however, generated a bunch of legal comment from those concerned with media and/or privacy law. First and one of … Continue reading

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White Collar Criminals

We all know some….  

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Twenty ways to write like an Idiot, Lawyer Style

Ran across an amusing article today by Jay Shepherd entitled Small Firms, Big Lawyers: 20 Ways to Write Like a Tool. Would I do any of these?  Well, er, yes I would; quite a few in fact. Such as this … Continue reading

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I feel so old….

I’m “only” 44, and I was an early entrant into the PC world, but phones and tablets pretty much leave me cold.  All of which now makes me completely redundant and totally out of touch.  Sigh….

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Sir Bob Jones on Leadership

Never less than amusing, Sir Bob Jones shares his thoughts on “leadership”, and his considered view that all leaders should immediately euthanise themselves for the good of humanity. Leadership is held up as a virtuous concept.  It most certainly is … Continue reading

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Calvin Explains Business

The best cartoons are just close enough to reality to make you chuckle rather than cry…

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