My name is Ivan McIntosh, and I am a fifty one year old property law specialist, a partner at Carter Atmore Law together with Jeremy Goodwin,  married to Joanna, father of three fine young men aged twenty four, eighteen and more or less zero, and a passionate supporter of whatever sport my boys are playing at the time.

I and my colleagues work with people who have goals for their land or their business, helping to guide them through the myriad obstacles placed in the path of realising those goals.  Nothing makes us more proud than the success of our clients and their families….and it looks good for us.

In addition, I run the “social media” side of Carter Atmore Law.  We are a two partner boutique commercial and property law practice situated in Auckland New Zealand. Our contact details are:

Carter Atmore Law
Barristers & Solicitors
Level 14, 7 City Road (off Symonds Street just after the Langham)
PO Box 68 656,
Newton, Auckland
New Zealand

Ph: +64 9 921 5000       Fax: +64 9 921 5007

DDI: +64 9 921-5026

Carter Atmore have been “lawyering” since 2006, intially with Jeremy Goodwin and Clive Carter as the two partners.  I had a few New Zealand Law Society formalities to go through and joined a few months later.  At that point we had eight lawyers and legal executives, servicing a busy practice heavily involved in property development, with several hundred million dollars worth of apartments & hotels under development.

In the years following the global financial crisis we shifted a lot more toward the commercial side of business activity, but we are now once again heavily involved on the property side.  We have also grown a strong immigration practice, with the assistance of two mandarin speaking staff.

Catherine Sumpter leads our french speaking team and has strong links to French Polynesia. Jeremy Goodwin, who was in a past life the trusts & estates senior partner at Brookfields Lawyers (at the time one of New Zealand’s biggest firms), maintains a strong trusts portfolio as well as his day to day practice.

One thing we don’t do is litigation.  We are boutique property, commercial and immigration, and it would be foolish to try and be all things to all people.  We have a range of barristers & advocates that we can and do use for family, employment, and commercial litigation.  It seems to us that this is far preferable to having one litigation partner in a small firm who attempts to cover the entire range.  Our efforts are better served trying to keep our clients out of court.

We have changed residence as at late October 2011 from Pitt Street to Level 14, 7 City Road (hence the pithy, yet highly imaginative, blog name), at the top of the Auckland CBD in, for those of you offshore, New Zealand.

Give us a call so we can have you round for a coffee and a chat….


2 Responses to About

  1. ricky says:

    do you have experience in the UTA2010 and contract dispute, even the fraud triangle investigation,
    we need some expert to help us,


    • Dear Ricky,

      Yes I have extensive experience with the Unit Titles Act 2010 and contract disputes. If you would like, please call to arrange a free half hour appointment and we can go over your difficulties.

      Ivan McIntosh

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